“I engaged Anna’s services to complete a full Customer Service training programme with all after sales staff in our company.  The results were fantastic with comments from the team, “the most alive training I have ever anticipated in” and “Anna got the best out of the team players who would normally sit back and watch and not participate”.  I have recommended Anna with a number of companies that have asked me for my advice on a trainer who engages the team, who is committed to customer service and delivers long term success for the investment required.  Anna has an incredible work ethic and I will continue to support her in wherever her vision may take her” Dean, General Manager

“Anna is a great trainer. We have employed her to help our staff have better conversations with our customers. We have gained excellent results with increases in staff confidence, conducting better conversations, increased revenue and profits. We have also used Anna with some of our key partners to build our relationships and credibility.” Peter, Branch Director

“We recently held a training day using Peoplepower.  Anna was involved in the planning and assisted the Directors to prepare for their roles in the event.  During our “Big Day Out” Anna led several presentations which were lively, interactive and challenged our team to think about the say they think and behave in the work environment.  We have had extremely positive feedback from our team and feel that the event has made a significant difference to staff morale and to the teams “buy in” to what the directors are trying to achieve.  As directors we were thrilled with the way the day went and the outcomes achieved – Anna has the ability to connect with both team members and directors in a very motivational way”   Sue, DIrector/Owner

“Recently Anna lead a workshop for our 25 person contact centre. Whilst the team had been performing well there was occasional conflict between team members and maintaining a fun and enjoyable atmosphere was a constant challenge. We engaged Anna to try to ensure more stability in staff morale and generally improve the relationship that staff had with each other.  Anna led the team through one two hour session a week for six weeks and the improvement that I have seen as a result of her efforts has been fantastic. As well as the intangible achievements of staff showing each other more respect, higher levels of staff engagement and increased personal responsibility we also have less unplanned leave and best of all our external and internal customers are noticing an improvement in our overall service.” Myles, General Manager

“We used Peoplepower to provide sales training at our National Conference. The content provided was extremely well presented. Their ideas were well thought out and were focused on the whole sales process and the importance of a process. These ideas provided me personally a much needed wake up call and has helped me to focus my sales process with immediate results.  Don’t think twice about engaging this team as you might miss a valuable opportunity”  Mark, Franchisee

“I was a little unsure of exactly what I was getting myself into when I decided to recently partake in the training for our team members.  What I discovered was that this was not your ordinary run of the mill customer service training session.  The sessions were full of energy, excitement and laughter.  I was impressed with the training content, the delivery of the material and the interaction with the team.  I was surprised that Anna managed to get the entire team to become involved in the sessions which was really good to see.  I highly recommend Anna for training to any organization that is looking to retrain or up-skill their staff” Tejay, Services Manager

“I would like to thank Anna for providing our conference with the most enthusiastic sales training session I have ever see – our team are already experiencing direct results from the day.” Glenn, BDM

“Anna recently presented at our conference and the positive feedback from our members has been overwhelming.  It is a pleasure to work with Anna as her passion and enthusiasm for education and professional development is evident in the quality of her courses, workshops and presentations.” Anthea, PD Executive

“Anna has worked with our business since 2009, involved in everything from “one on one” sales training to presenting to our National Conference.  She is successful with us because she really does “commit to understanding OUR business”.  She is always proactive in her dealings with us and brings energy and passion to an industry that often sadly lacks this.”  Ross, General Manager



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