"Anna is passionate about assisting 
 others to recognize, develop and 
 maximize their potential in all 
 areas of life"


Being an exceptionally driven business woman, wife and mother of two, I am passionate about Self-Leadership – continued learning, self development and growth in both myself and in others.

Having experienced highs and lows, success and failure, I am obsessed with helping others on similar paths to get “there” faster and easier, to be a sounding board and help with tough decision making.

Although I reckon I’m pretty “normal” many comment on my stamina, on my ability to maintain energy, enthusiasm and optimism over a sustained period, no matter what is thrown at me.  Although I thrive on maintaining an optimistic outlook on life, I am also a realist, I love a challenge and thrive under pressure.

“A clever and caring woman who has walked many paths, Anna has the credibility to share valuable, inspirational insights, crucial knowledge and skills”

I love to work with those who are not afraid of change, who realize there is something more in life and are willing to step out of their comfort zones, extend their boundaries and open themselves up to global opportunities, no matter what their nationality, age or education.

I am fully committed and completely on your side.  I will stretch you, hold you accountable and if need be ask you those hard questions to push you to challenge your perceptions and have you commit to your business, career, life and family with renewed energy and passion.

“Partnering with Anna you will re-discover your vision and passion for your career, business or life”



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